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Calling of Lorme - "Layman"

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Calling of Lorme - "Layman"

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Artist Bio:

Calling of Lorme was born in Marseille in August 2010 by Jo and Dorian, who will soon be joined by their two first guitarist and their dancer Olivia. In February 2011, the line up is completed by JY for vocals and the band releases it’s first EP and starts it’s first shows.

The band’s name, Calling of Lorme, is a direct reference to MD Charles Delorme who, at the time of the plague, invented the mask with the crow shape to protect from the dangers of the illness. The band’s universe will grow from this point of reference, dealing with subjects regarding sicknesses and medicine, added by more general subjects like corporatism, fanaticism, feelings and human relationship. This is transcribed on stage with a powerful and martial music, bonded with a theatrical show and an original light show.

In 2012 the band will find their first audience acknowledgements and gain access to venues such as L’Usine (Istres) or L’Alhambra (Paris). After many line up changes which will mark this year, the band welcomes in it’s ranks Seth and Vin'Z as guitarists. 2013 will mark the realease of the band's debut album.

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