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IRIS - "Out Of Fiction"

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IRIS - "Out Of Fiction"

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The single "Out Of Fiction" is also the title of the latest EP from IRIS and both will be available to purchase in April 2012!

The band's debut video shows them delivering a passionate performance alongside a storyboard loosely based around the lyrical content.

The location for the shoot was a derelict World War 2 bunker, hidden away in the depths of the Kent countryside. Having already been heavily graffitied and in a run down state, the character of the building was an ideal backdrop for the band and the 'feel' of the video. The storyboard scenes were shot in the surrounding area and begin with views of the White Cliffs of Dover.

The theme for the video starts with the female lead (Millie, a fellow musician and friend of the band) finding a book, and wandering around almost in a day dream until she finds the band playing in the bunker. The final scenes of Adam and Millie confronting each other illustrate the breakdown of the relationship described in the lyrics, and the frustration and torment when love is seemingly one sided, due to another's actions and guilt.

Aside from the rather sad sentiment of the song, the day of the shoot was a lot of fun! The rain held off, the hot drinks flowed and everyone was in high spirits and excited to be involved with creating a visual to the music.

Having recently signed to Engineer Records, IRIS are already planning their next video and will spend the coming months releasing further singles and videos as well as touring around the country!

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